Dansbury Park

15 Day Street

East Stroudsburg, PA

Ages 10-12 - Cost $35
Ages 13-15 - Cost $40
Ages 16-22 - Cost $45

**Sign-ups are weather permitting**

Follow us on social media for cancellations & updates:

Instagram: @turningthehearts

Bring a copy of the participant's latest report card showing

  a minimum of 85% average (for participants under 12th grade)

or 3.0 GPA (for participants in college)

and receive $5 off your registration.

Check these facebook posts for important updates. (Including game cancellations) You may need to click and go to FB page.

Interested in becoming a league sponsor?

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Turning the Hearts Basketball League Video

Registration will begin on or around June 18. Check back for details.​​


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