summer basketball league

League History

Founded 2005 by a Philadelphia native and graduate from East Stroudsburg University, Juwan Justice, who

 had a vision to help kids reach their full potential. Using basketball as a tool to help youth in dying need of activities during off school season. We are a ministry, teaching the biblical way of living through Christ under the leadership of Pastors Charles and Marilyn Smith.

​Now Commissioner, Kimberly Smith continues to flourish the league and operate it yearly.

​Our Basketball summer league serves the populations in the Pocono’s.The Leagues age range is 10-22 boys and girls; our Pocono Site population has grown yearly from 45 kids in 2005 to over 100s of kids each year. We look forward to this great expansion to the urban areas where the summer league can be of a great asset to the communities.

​Players of the Turning the Hearts Summer Basketball League will have eight weeks of game time in the summer. Our season ends with playoffs and a championship game. Trophies await the champions in each division. Their self esteem is built through Christian values, positive reinforcement, and encouragement.

Benefits of Participants

​Our league is operated through the help of volunteers. Most of the volunteers are from participants within the league itself. As a volunteer the youth are learning many responsibilities. Some become coaches, some work the score board and clock or some may keep the game stats. Wherever a youth may volunteer they take pride in their position and even have an unsaid sense of worth.

Our Commissioner is hands on throughout the summer with the children to identify with. We have a no tolerance for profanity, fighting, and the discouragement of peers .These are few of the many focuses we have for the summer league and look to expand our ideas.